Articles related to the 2022 System Access Charge application

Net Metering Letter from Nova Scotia Power

From: NetMetering <>
Sent: January 28, 2022 10:27 AM
To: NetMetering <>

Subject: Proposed Changes to Regulation 3.6 - Net Metering Service

Good Morning

On January 27, 2022, NS Power filed a General Rate Application with the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (UARB), which included a proposal for changes to Regulation 3.6 - Net Metering Service.


Solar Installers Letter to the UARB

February 1, 2022: We are writing to file formal complaint with the Utility and Review Board under section 83(1) of the Public Utilities Act regarding Nova Scotia Power’s recent application for a general rate increase. To quickly summarize the issue, we believe that the Public Utility, Nova Scotia Power Incorporated (“NSPI”), has unjustly and unreasonably begun charging a fee, known as the System Access Charge, that has not been approved by the Utility and Review Board as it is part of Matter 10431. This is a clear breach of the Public Utilities Act, specifically section 71 of that Act.

Nova Scotia Power’s Solar Access Charge Will Devastate Solar Industry across the Province

Solar Nova Scotia is asking the Province to step in immediately to prevent layoffs and save the solar industry. Nova Scotia Power’s recent submission to the Utility and Review Board asks for a solar access charge on net metered customers that will devastate the solar industry across the province. The proposed charge of $8.00 per kilowatt per month - submitted with absolutely no consultation with the local solar industry - would result in an average annual fee of $960 to solar customers.

Letter to your MLA about the Solar Access Charge: template and address

Solar Nova Scotia is extremely concerned with the recent proposal by Nova Scotia Power to charge net-metering participants a "System Access Charge" based on installed capacity. We believe this will devastate a fast-growing industry that is a bright light in the Nova Scotia economy and that is making a key contribution to Nova Scotia's climate change mitigation goals.  A monthly fee based on capacity is the wrong approach and cannot be allowed to happen.