2022-01-29 • Halifax, NS

The System Access Charge (SAC)  was proposed by Nova Scotia Power in their general rate application with the Nova Scotia Utility and Review on January 27th, 2022.  Nova Scotia Power proposed that net-metering customers will pay an $8/kW/month fee based on their installed capacity. A typical installation in Nova Scotia is 10 kW and generates $1760 of electricity per year. Under this proposal the homeowner would have to pay Nova Scotia Power an exorbitant fee of $960 per year. This proposal will eliminate demand for solar energy in the province and be a fatal blow to many of our 40 corporate members. These companies employ hundreds of Nova Scotians in the solar industry. They need your help!

We are raising funds that will go to legal representation at utility and review board in Nova Scotia to fight back against a proposed solar SAC that will devastate the solar industry in the province. These small businesses need fair representation to counter the arguments of Nova Scotia Power's well funded legal team. Additional funding will be used for solar industry public relations and for hiring a staff person to work with the volunteer board of directors.

Together, we can give the solar industry an opportunity to flourish and make sure it is not "nipped in the bud" by  Nova Scotia Power. 

Here is the link to the GoFundMe for this project.