Courses and Learning

Typically two types of courses are offered by Solar Nova. Notifications of the dates of the courses are sent out by email, so send a note to Solar Nova Scotia to be added to our mailing list.

Solar Shelter Course

... is a practical, how-to course on designing and building solar shelter, including greenhouses, solaria, additions and especially solar homes. The course is intended for the general public and for those in design and construction. For more details on the Solar Shelter Course.

The Canadian Solar Home Design Manual

... was written as the textbook for the Solar Shelter Course, but is also usable for self-study, and many people buy and read it in advance of the course.  It's kept up-to-date with new editions as technology changes. Click here for how to buy the Manual in advance of the course.

The Passive Solar Construction Course

... is a one day course covering passive solar basics, ground-frost insulation techniques, heat storage slab construction, air recirculation system layout and components, and related energy efficient construction principals and details. For more details on the Solar Construction Course.