Atlantic Canada Solar Business Directory

The Atlantic Canada Solar Directory is made up of organizations, mostly businesses, which supply solar and alternative energy goods and services, and who are "Corporate" members of Solar Nova Scotia, paying annual dues and agreeing to follow the Solar Nova Scotia Code of Ethics.

1st Electric Logo

1st Electric is a team of highly skilled professionals in the electrical and solar marketplace, specializing in grid tied and off grid photovoltaic systems.

We offer design to completion for your solar project, let us help you.

Contact: 902-830-1226 or info@

Appleseed Energy Appleseed Energy
Appleseed Energy is a full service green energy provider for North Eastern Nova Scotia focusing mostly in Cape Breton Island, Antigonish County and Guysborough County. We specialize in residential, agriculture, business, municipal and marine energy systems and products. We build, install, and maintain grid-tie (Net Metering) as well as off-grid (stand alone) systems.

Contact: 902-227-8220,

Atlantic Solar Systems Logo Atlantic Solar Systems
Atlantic Solar Systems is a wholesale/retail supplier for solar hot equipment to all of Atlantic Canada. We carry a large inventory of solar collectors and storage tanks as well as low-voltage pumps, pump stations and controllers. We also manufacture low-voltage pumps stations suitable for cottages, off-grid applications or areas with regular power outages. We also provide design services for solar hot water systems and can arrange installation by an experienced solar contractor. Please contact us for more information.

Contact: 902-225-4143,

Aztek Solar Logo Aztek Solar Ltd.
Aztek Solar Ltd. is a supplier and installer of solar equipment specializing in innovative solar hot water and solar heating systems designed using cutting edge technology. We offer a full range of services from client consultation to design, engineering, and installation of both residential and commercial solar systems. We also offer a full maintenance program for all of our installations as well as inspection and service for many different makes and models of solar equipment. Our service area includes all of Nova Scotia as well as New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador. Please contact us today for a competitive quote or for more information on the products and services that we offer.

Contact: Brian @ 902-293-7745,

Benoit Electric Logo Benoit Electric
Since 1999, Benoit Electric has been dedicated to providing the best electrical services to our customers across Nova Scotia. With our team of skillfully trained technicians, our main focus is on serving our customer’s needs. We will design, supply and install the best photovoltaic system to meet your needs and gain the highest return on investment. While specializing in off grid and grid tied net metering photovoltaic systems, we also offer a full line of electrical services including Cummins and Generac home stand by generators installations and servicing.

Contact:,, 902-876-0904.

Bentley Built Homes Bentley Built Homes
Bentley Built Homes is a small owner operated business in the Annapolis Valley with a strong focus on quality high efficiency housing. We do new construction as well as renovations and restorations from design to completion. We are an ICF builder and incorporate geothermal, and air-source heat pumps as well as solar supplements for domestic hot water and photovoltaic systems whenever possible.


Canadian Solar Institute Canadian Solar Institute
CSI’s mission is to provide the highest level of excellence in training for Solar PV installers. Our workshops are comprehensive and teach leading-edge technology. We offer thorough training for both grid-tie and off-grid system design and installation. CSI is committed to provide training with an emphasis on safe work practices and code compliant installations.


Doctor Solar Doctor Solar
With over 20 years of experience, Doctor Solar can design, supply and install solar thermal and photovoltaic (PV) systems for every application from individual residences to large apartment buildings and everything in-between.

Contact:, 902-468-3132

Don Roscoe Don Roscoe, Solar Designer/Builder

Contact: 902-852-3789,

EnCom Alternative Energy Ltd. EnCom Alternative Energy Ltd.

EnCom manufactures, distributes and installs CSA certified (F-379) evacuated tube based solar thermal heating systems, EnCom 300. Rated for Canadian climate as best year round performance (maximum ROI) with its superior ability to generate hot water in low light (overcast) conditions and cold weather.

These systems include our CSA certified Stainless Steel tanks, also used in heating systems as indirect tanks, connected to any on-demand boiler.

We Integrate with hydronic (infloor or rads) heating to create our Ultra Energy Efficient Heating System reducing year round heating costs. Consists of an On-demand boiler, EnCom's Priority Zone Dual Temperature controller and our expanded solar thermal system.

EnCom provides a wide range of renewable energy products to homes, businesses, electricians, plumbers and other solar thermal companies from our headquarters in Bedford, N.S. EnCom sells and services Generac Automatic Generators (LP/NG), PV systems (photovoltaic or Solar Electric) and LG Mini-Split Heat pumps to efficiently heat, cool and dehumidify.

EnCom, a Canadian Home Building Association member help’s maximize the Energuide rating on new homes with our unique green energy solutions.

Contact:, 902-860-0081

Fundy Solar Logo Fundy Solar
At Fundy Solar, we design and instal grid tied and off grid solar power systems. We carry a full slate of renewable energy products and have the experience to provide solid advice and service to our customers.

Service area: NB, NS, PEI

Contact: Woody or David at:
902 664 8342

GM Electrical GM Electrical
Serving Halifax County, East Hants, Colchester County and surrounding areas. When you have industrial, commercial, residential or agricultural work that needs to be done quickly and with an eye for quality, look no further than Geddes And Murphy Electric. We have the most highly-trained, industry-certified electricians with years of experience.

Contact:, 902.751.1675, 902.751.1589

Green-Lizard Green-Lizard
Green Lizard provides photovoltaic (PV) solutions for Off-grid or Grid-tie applications, each custom designed to meet individual customers requirements. PV is the safest, least maintenance intense method of producing clean power for today's power needs.

Contact:, (902)523-0417

Green Power Labs Green Power Labs
Green Power Labs is a predictive energy management company with offices in Canada, California, Australia and China. Green Power Labs provides predictive analytics services for solar asset management including long-term (planning), mid-term (deployment) and short-term (operations) horizons, increasing power output and reducing operational costs of solar power plants. Based on its SolarSatDataTM predictive analytics platform and supervisory control technologies for smart inverters, Green Power Labs provides predictive grid control solutions maximizing power output of solar power plants while supporting operating conditions in the grid.

While we are not vendors or installers of residential solar equipment, our team's interest in encouraging solar deployment led to the development of SolarRating Online, a free, online, short program which takes homeowners to their rooftop to gain an initial understanding of their site's potential for solar technologies. Visit for more information.

Contact:, (902) 4666-GPL (466-6475)

Kassner Goodspeed Architects Kassner Goodspeed Architects Ltd.
Kassner Goodspeed Architects Ltd. is the most recent evolution of a Halifax based architectural firm dedicated to the concept that the quality of the built environment is of fundamental importance to individual and social well being.


Lunenburg Industrial Foundry & Engineering Prometheus Solar Tech Lunenburg Industrial Foundry & Engineering Prometheus Solar Tech
The Kinley Dual Mirror System has an incredible range of applications, ranging from industrial to residential. This revolutionary technology is an all new method of concentrating solar light that produces extremely high temperatures that are in excess of 2000°C (3,632°F). This method of concentrating solar light has the potential to be much more efficient then existing solar concentration methods and at the same time is less expensive to construct because of it's simplistic design. ProSolarTec is interested in partnering with interested parties to further develop this amazing technology. Please contact us for more information regarding licensing and investing.


McInnes Cooper Logo McInnes Cooper
McInnes Cooper is among the 20 largest business law firms in Canada. We serve clients across North America and abroad from six offices in Halifax, St. John’s, Fredericton, Moncton, Saint John, Charlottetown. With 200 lawyers and over 300 professional resources, we are positioned to offer clients a range of legal and business services. We provide services to industry-leading clients in every major sector and with experience in all jurisdictions. We also assist small, medium, and start-up businesses at every stage of development with corporate and tax planning, commercial transactions, litigation services, and regulation review and analysis.


National Solar Distributors Inc National Solar Distributors Inc
National Solar Distributors Inc. is a wholesale distributor of solar PV system components based in Edmonton, AB with service across Canada. We carry residential and commercial grid-tie products, as well as products for industrial and small off-grid applications.
With over forty years of combined experience, we understand the challenges of the market and have made it our mission to provide high-quality, reliable and innovative products with honest and friendly service.
We are focused on delivering the right products to you – on time and at a great price. If your business succeeds, so does ours. Call us today to speak with one of our friendly associates.

Contact: 1-844-851-2390,

Nodding Marine The Nodding Group
TNG is proud to offer residential and commercial installation of solar hot water systems, solar hot air panels and Energy Star air-source heat pumps. We also offer enzymatic Pink Cleaning Solution, custom-fabricated metal recycle bins, and eco-friendly marine products. Our company is dedicated to trust and integrity in our business practices, and we are committed to the sustainable development of our business and our community.

Areas Serviced: South Shore and surrounding areas
Contact: (902) 543-7994,,

Nova Solar Capital Nova Solar Capital
Nova Solar Capital Inc. is a solar project development company, founded to help Nova Scotians become leaders in renewable energy by making solar accessible and affordable like never before. We offer a unique and attractive way to finance the installation of photovoltaic (PV) solar systems to help homeowners shrink their power bill, grow their retirement savings, take advantage of tax incentives, and do their part in the fight against climate change – without having to spend money out of their pocket. We do this by helping homeowners use their RRSP or other investments to finance their installation, and we are proud to work with existing installation companies to help usher in a new energy frontier in Nova Scotia.


Nova Sun Power Nova Sun Power
Since 1996 we have been providing customers with a variety of options when they are pursuing alternative energy product. Servicing Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and PEI from our Pictou office. Customers can call or email for information on solar, wind or water systems. We offer design, sales & installations for small, medium & large systems including Solar Power (PV or photovoltaic), Solar Hot Water, Solar Hot Air, Wind Turbines and Micro-Hydro systems. Free quotes and site assessments available.

Contact: 1 877-783-6147,,

Sage Energy SAGE Energy Inc

Specializing in off-grid and grid-tied solar energy, SAGE Energy provides sales, installation and service for renewable, sustainable and electrical energy systems throughout Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and PEI. We are industry leaders, and our company is proud to be COR safety certified through NSCSA since 2012. We can help you with your DIY or turnkey projects.

Contact:,, 902-306-1200 or 1-855-306-1200

SHINES Renewable Energy SHINES Energy
Shines Energy is a Renewable Energy company that focusses on solar electricity generation, solar hot water heating, solar space heating, solar air heating and off grid or net zero Living. We do both residential and commercial sized projects and cover all of Nova Scotia and beyond. Shines offers competitive technologies that are best in class and suited for your unique requirements. Our designs focus on meeting your energy requirements by using the most appropriate and innovative solar products in the marketplace. We represent a wide and diverse set of products including: evacuated tubes, flat plates, micro inverters, string inverters, and many more diverse technologies.

We also have a Surplus Equipment catalog - check it out for great values on stock that we're clearing out!

Contact:,, 902 435 3744

Solar Ascent Solar Ascent

Solar Ascent specializes in designing and installing solar energy systems for home-owners and businesses in Nova Scotia. Not only are we trained at the world's foremost institution for solar energy education, Solar Energy International, and are NABCEP certified, we also have a rich background in renovations contracting throughout HRM. We know the importance of quality workmanship and attention to detail.

Based in Halifax, Solar Ascent promises to work with you to design a system that is customized to your home and your needs. Renewable energy is an exciting new world that can be intimidating at times, but at Solar Ascent, we're making solar simple!

Contact us for a free solar proposal for your home today!

Contact: / / (902) 225-3905

Solar Global Solutions Logo Solar Global Solutions

Solar Global Solutions (formerly PoleCo Ltd.) is a renewable energy company specializing in the design, supply, and construction of high quality solar power and energy storage systems. The design team at Solar Global Solutions (SGS) oversees turn-key Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services for both grid-tied and off-grid solar power projects.

Bringing a customer-centered approach to every project, SGS offers engineering design services, procurement, contractor training, installation, and maintenance services. Founded in 1988 in Nova Scotia, Canada, SGS continues to have its headquarters and research and development facility located in Halifax. SGS has over 25 years of experience developing projects for utility, commercial, residential, and government clients.

Contact:, +1-902-876-2834, email:

Solar Panel Power Canada Logo Solar Panel Power Canada

Solar Panel Power Canada provides information about the solar energy industry to residential and rural homeowners in Nova Scotia. Our goal is to accelerate the solar energy industry by providing transparent, easy to navigate information to inform purchasing decisions. We began in late 2017 by researching and collecting data for every aspect that impacts the decision to switch to solar power in Nova Scotia including financing options, net metering policies, electricity rates, solar irradiation, installation costs and more. The summation of this information can be found on the Complete Solar Power Guide for Nova Scotia 2018.

Contact:, 1-800-679-0925, email:

Supernova Energy Loogo Supernova Energy Solutions
Supernova Energy provides, installs, and services solar photovoltaic (PV) systems using panels and inverters made by Canadian Solar, and mounting systems made by Schletter.

Supernova Energy provides feasibility reports for Solar Electricity For Community Solar Pilot Program projects that provide the financial metrics you need to create a successful project. Supernova Energy’s Solar Electricity For Community Buildings Pilot Program Feasibility Studies provide proponents their project’s capital and operating expenses by line item specific to their site, and electricity production and revenue projections specific to their site. These feasibility studies also provide the price per kWh at which the project must operate in order to achieve its projected revenue and profit.

We work with you to file applications for Solar Electricity For Community Buildings Pilot Program projects, permits, and interconnections.

Contact: Bruce Thompson, (902) 233-5624;;

Thermo Dynamics Inc.

Thermo Dynamics Ltd.

TDL is a Nova Scotian owned and operated company based in Dartmouth, NS since 1981. TDL manufactures a range of products including complete solar collectors (glazed, LFP type), solar thermal water heating systems, photovoltaic (PV) water heating systems, heat exchangers, and solar powered pumps. TDL also designs, supplies, and installs grid tied and off grid PV systems. TDL manufactures, supplies, installs, and maintains all of its products and systems from small-scale single family residential to large-scale commercial/industrial projects. +1 (902) 468-1001

Watts up Solar Watts up Solar
We are a South West Nova Scotia based suppler and installer of grid tied and off grid photovoltaic (PV) solar systems. We specialize in net-metered system design, supply, installation and maintenance. Our team has been involved in over $10,000,000 worth of microFIT photovoltaic solar systems in Ontario since 2010. Now that we've brought our expertise out to the East coast our goal is to make solar a simple and affordable investment for Nova Scotia home owners and that's why our main focus is on expert renewable energy/home efficiency consultation, clear and consistent pricing and financing options, and top tier solar hardware backed by third party insured 25 year warranties.

Contact:,, 855-447-7222