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Solar Nova Scotia’s History

Explore the milestones and achievements that have shaped our organization from its inception to the present day. Learn how we’ve evolved, innovated, and made an impact in the realm of solar energy education. Join us as we reflect on our history and look towards a brighter future.


Solar Nova Scotia Founded.

May 1980

Solar Nova Scotia organizes "Sun Day" at the Nova Scotia Museum as a local contribution to an international “Sun Day” celebration.


October 14, 1980

The society, The Solar Energy Society of Nova Scotia was incorporated to:

  • Foster and encourage by all appropriate means, the use of alternative energy technologies in Nova Scotia and
  • Act as a clearinghouse for information and experiences relating to implementing alternative energy technologies.
August 1981

Published One Hundred And One Solar Energy Projects, a report about the successes and failures of alternative energy projects in Nova Scotia.



The article "The Greenhouse Effect" (New Works, May 1986) mentions how 43 percent of all Canadian solar projects in industry and commerce were located in the Atlantic provinces. Also featured are Thermodynamics and low-footprint living in a passive home design.


The first Solar Greenhouse Course was developed. 


Solar Nova Scotia hosted the 26th Annual Rise & Shine 2000, a national solar conference. 

Experts across Canada came together to share their knowledge and experience with attendees. Discussions ranged from current renewable energy policies to future developments in solar technology.

One of the key topics of discussion was the potential for solar energy to transform Nova Scotia's economy. With its abundant natural resources and strong government support, Nova Scotia has been making strides towards becoming a leader in renewable energy. The province is already home to numerous successful solar projects, including a large-scale solar farm in Annapolis County.


October 2010

Changes to the Nova Scotia Electricity Act enable the enhanced net-metering program.

December 2012

Halifax Council approved the innovative first-of-its-kind Solar City Program enabling solar hot water system installations financed by the city and paid back on property tax bills. The program was eventually renewed and expanded to PV.

April 2017

Nova Scotia Launches Solar Electricity for Community Building Program enabling solar installations up to 75 kW on Community Buildings. The program leads to the development of 3-5MW of installations.

September 2017

IKEA opens in Dartmouth Crossing with the largest solar installation in Nova Scotia at 838 kW DC

November 2017

Solar Nova Scotia commences Atlantic Solar Study to accelerate the adoption of Solar Energy in Nova Scotia and inform future incentive programs.

August 2018

SolarHomes Program Launches creating large demand for residential PV Systems.

December 2018

The 1st Annual Nova Scotia Solar Summit is held in Halifax, welcoming 80 delegates.


The Society hired our first full time employee to develop the curriculum for, and manage the deployment of, Discover Solar 2019, the Low Carbon Communities project where we told people about the practicalities and programs for getting PV to their homes all across Nova Scotia.

June 2019

Solar Nova Scotia launches Discover Solar Public Education Series. Delivers 60 x 2-hour free presentations at community buildings throughout NS. Over 1200 Nova Scotians attend.

December 2019

The 2nd Annual Nova Scotia Solar Summit is held in Halifax, welcoming 150 delegates.

May 2021

Canada Greener Homes Grant opens providing up to a $5000 rebate for residential solar systems.

November 2021

Nova Scotia passes the Environmental Goals and Climate Change Reduction Act (EGCCRA) calling for 80% renewable electricity and coal phase-out by 2030.

January 2022

Nova Scotia Power proposes controversial System Access Charge threatening solar industry and sparking major public pushback led by Solar  NS.

February 2022

Nova Scotia Power withdraws system access charge proposal.

February 2022

2MW Amherst Community Solar Garden opens, becoming the largest installation in NS.

April 2022

Nova Scotia Amends Electricity Act, giving Nova Scotia “Right to Self-Generate” for systems up to 27 kW and calling for the creation of a new commercial net-metering program with a cap raised from 100 kW to 1 MW.

June 2022

Canada launches Canada Greener Homes Loan Program which provides interest-free loans up to $40,000 for residential solar installations.

November 2022

Canada announces refundable 30% Clean Technology Investment Tax Credit.

December 2022

Solar Nova Scotia hosts the first annual Atlantic Canada Solar Summit with 300+ delegates.

April 2023

Canada introduces refundable 15% Clean Electricity Investment Tax Credit. 

October 2023

Nova Scotia releases a Clean Power Plan detailing the pathway to meeting 2030 EGCCRA targets. Shifts from Atlantic Loop to more locally distributed renewables. Calls for 300 MW commercial solar and 300-400MW energy storage by 2030.

October 2023

Commercial Net-Metering program opens to solar systems up to 1MW. 

November 2023

4.8 MW Berwick Community Solar Garden is unveiled by AREA becoming the largest system in NS.

December 2023

Solar Nova Scotia hosts the 2nd annual Atlantic Canada Solar Summit with 350+ delegates.

December 2023

Nova Scotia surpasses 2000 new installations in a single year for the first time.

March 2024

Nova Scotia launches Community Solar Program enabling subscription-based Community Solar Gardens up to 10 MW.

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