Effective January 6th, 2022, the SolarHomes rebate will change to 30¢/watt (installed DC capacity) up to a maximum of $3,000. The previous rebate amount was 60¢/watt up to $6000.

"In order to manage the available funding with increasing demand for solar installs, it has been decided to reduce the rebate amount, this will help ensure that the program is available to as many Nova Scotians as possible while continuing to support sustainable growth in Nova Scotia’s solar industry." says Efficiency Nova Scotia.

The federal Greener Homes Program is an alternative to SolarHomes and allows homeowners to receive a rebate of $1/watt up to $5,000. An energy audit is required to access the program. If your system is smaller than 8.4 kW, your Greener Homes rebate will still be higher than the previous Solar Homes rebate.

The Greener Homes program applies to other energy efficiency measures, and the total rebate is capped at $5,000. You receive your Greener Homes rebate after your second Home Energy Audit, and after you upload your receipts.