PRESS RELEASE  July 12, 2011

Solar NS supports HRM's SolarCity program, but reminds homeowners that they don't need to wait!

In light of the announcement from HRM this date, Solar Nova Scotia would like to emphasize that we fully support the HRM Solar City Project and have been working  with the HRM Sustainable Environment Office through our Board and our Industry Committee.  

We see this project as extremely significant for the ongoing development of solar technologies in not only this municipality but also the province and other communities in Canada.  One of the outcomes of this initiative has been the decline in the demand for residential installations in HRM while 2000 homeowners await the outcome of their applications to the program.

This, combined with the ongoing delay in the federal launch of the  renewed ecoEnergy program, has resulted in a decline in the residential demand for solar thermal installations in this market.  This decline is having a direct impact on our corporate members, and, if we are to grow this sector of our economy in Nova Scotia, planning for growth through continuity in programs remains, especially in the short term, essential to our energy future.  

Solar Nova Scotia would like to emphasize that while we see solar technology as eventually standing on its own as a viable, renewable energy alternative in this province, the support offered by the various rebate programs and, eventually, the HRM Solar City project, remain crucial to the growth of this industry.  

We will continue to support the HRM Solar City program and do all we can to mitigate any possible delays that might occur over the coming months.  In the meantime, we  encourage homeowners and new home buyers to pursue the outstanding programs currently offered  by Efficiency NS such as Performance Plus,  the Residential Solar Rebates, and Energuide.  We also encourage homeowners to refer to our list of corporate members on the Solar Nova Scotia website where they can find many experienced firms to help them start saving money with solar energy this summer.  Any questions related to this release can be directed to:

Richard Vinson,
Chair, Solar Nova Scotia
T. 446-8161

Dan Roscoe, Chair,
Industry Committee, Solar Nova Scotia
T. 489-6787

Solar Nova Scotia is an organization with a mandate to support the growth of solar in this province and the Atlantic region through public awareness and outreach projects. Our corporate members represent the core group of companies active in the solar industry in this province.