Dear Solar NS Supporter,

We did it! With the outpouring of support from Nova Scotians we pushed back on NSP's proposed System Access Charge. Over the last two months, Solar NS worked closely with our corporate members and other stakeholders to protect the solar industry. Last week, Minister Rushton tabled new solar legislation that incorporates our recommendations and will ensure the solar industry continues to flourish.

The legislation:

• Prevents NSP from imposing any new solar fees

• Allows installs up to 27 kW “as of right” without need for utility program registration

• Lifts the 100 KW net-metering cap, allowing for larger commercial installations

• Reduces red tape to speed up the installation process.

• Places new performance standards on NSP

• Requires NSP to implement the Green Button Standard within 12 months, allowing customers to access and download their electricity data

• Gives province greater control of Green Choice Program and Community Solar Program

• Creates new performance partnership advisory table.

These changes were only possible because Nova Scotians stepped up in the solar industry's hour of need.

We have a lot more work to do! In the year ahead we would like to

  • Hire a full time Executive Director to support our volunteer board and advocate for our corporate members
  • Continue our public education work in communities across the province. We would like to
  • Fund research to support the continued integration of solar energy onto the NS grid.
  • Host a Solar Summit in December to bring the solar industry for learning and community building.

In June we will be hosting a Solar Mixer in downtown Halifax with the solar community to celebrate.


On behalf of the Solar NS board and all our corporate members I would like to offer my thanks. This was an inspiring example of democracy in action.


David Brushett P.Eng

Chair, Solar Nova Scotia