Solar NS Members, hosts, & MLA at Discover Solar Launch

On July 5, 2019, a small contingent of media, Solar Nova Scotia members, and politicians gathered in Chester to officially launch Solar Nova Scotia's Low Carbon Communities program, called Discover Solar 2019.

The two-hour learning sessions, presented in libraries and other venues, will introduce homeowners to solar energy and give them enough information to be able to work efficiently with contractors, financial institutions and incentive programs.

“The learning sessions are a broad overview of the process of getting solar electricity for your home,” says Christie Chaplin-Saundes, manager of the project, “and we are looking forward to helping hundreds, if not thousands of Nova Scotians make informed decisions about an investment in solar energy."

The society has set an ambitious goal of providing fifty presentation sessions.  As of the launch, only sessions in the Halifax Regional Municipality are scheduled, but the remainder of the province will be covered in the coming months.

“Solar Nova Scotia has been educating homeowners about solar energy for almost forty years,” says David Brushett, Solar Nova Scotia Chairperson, “so this project was right in the wheelhouse. We had all of the people necessary for this project to come together.”

Here's more information and the schedule for Discover Solar 2019.