Bonding and Grounding of Photovoltaics

By Jeff Harrop

Ground is the earth and where voltages over 50 volts must be referenced from. This includes DC (Direct Current) and AC (alternating current) voltages. In order to do this we have a connection to the earth for each power system installed on a premise. It can be a set of driven rods, a plate, the copper water piping system, or a well casing.

The photovoltaic panels have lethal potential voltages and therefore must be bonded to the grounding system to protect people from live voltages from energizing the metal framework of the panels.


All About Inverters

An inverter is just a DC to AC converter. Why do we have them in solar applications? Solar PV (photovoltaic panels produce DC (direct current) electrical energy. In our homes and businesses we use electrical devices that take their energy from an AC (alternating current) source.

2013-04-05 Weekend Schedule

Its a busy weekend for Solar Nova Scotia!

Friday April 5: Sup & Share with the Friends Of McNabs Island Society

Boardmembers from the Friends Of McNab's Island will be at our regular Solar Sup & Share to talk about solar options for the McNab's Island Tea House. You are invited to join us to make and hear suggestions about this project.  Here's a link to their request:

The Solar Sup & Share is as always at the Lion's Head Tavern on Robie Street near Young, from 5:00 - 7:30.


2013-01: Feed-In Tariff Policy

In January 2013, Solar Nova Scotia released its recommendations to the provincial government for an electricity feed-in tariff.

"The Feed-In-Tariff or FIT, proposes a contract between Nova Scotia Power and a power producer," says Richard Vinson, chairman of Solar Nova Scotia, "For solar and any other renewable energy production to be practical, the producers have to get a fair price for the power they generate."

Ontario has had a feed-in tariff for renewable energy since 2006, and Germany has had an extremely successful program since 1990.

Support Solar Nova Scotia!

February 21, 2013

Dear Solar Friend,

As we look ahead for 2013, the board of Solar Nova Scotia has recognized a need to bring our membership list up to date in order to be able to offer a more complete program to all. As a non-profit group, we rely on the generosity of solar supporters like you, and, with that in mind, we are asking you to support us with your membership for the coming year. 

2011-07-12: Response to announcement from Halifax Regional Municipality re: SOLAR CITY PROJECT DELAY

PRESS RELEASE  July 12, 2011

Solar NS supports HRM's SolarCity program, but reminds homeowners that they don't need to wait!

In light of the announcement from HRM this date, Solar Nova Scotia would like to emphasize that we fully support the HRM Solar City Project and have been working  with the HRM Sustainable Environment Office through our Board and our Industry Committee.