September 2016

News - Local

  • Fall Courses
  • Halifax Solar City
  • Ecology Action Centre Net Zero Speaker Series

News - Canada

  • CANSIA Conference
  • Three Amigos Summit


  • COP 22
  • The Investment Community
  • Solar Cooling
  • Solar Impulse Aircraft
  • Churches in Great Britain go solar
  • USA Net Zero National Forum
  • Green mosques in Morocco
  • Chile: Solar Indigenous Villages
  • Germany: Berlin pulls its fossil fuel invest

Unconquered Sun Solar Technologies

Unconquered Sun Solar Technologies

Unconquered Sun Solar Technologies Inc, was established in 2008 and is a manufacturer of practical and innovative PV tech. USST has engineered and constructed hundreds of residential, commercial (FIT) contracted & net metered solar sites across Canada. USST sites have exported almost 17 GWhrs of clean renewable electricity to the grid, and USST FIT solar installations are on pace to pay over 70M CAD to USST clientele.

Supernova Energy

Supernova Energy Solutions
Supernova Energy provides, installs, and services solar photovoltaic (PV) systems using panels and inverters made by Canadian Solar, and mounting systems made by Schletter.