What are practical ways to do solar renovations to an existing, older home?

There are a few options.

  • Get an Energy Audit: Solar energy cannot practically heat a house which wastes a substantial amount of heat. Therefore The first step is to cut down on how much heat your house is leaking. You can get a home energy audit to determine how to improve the energy efficiency of your home to the point where solar can make a difference. Go to Efficiency¬†Nova Scotia and look up "Home Energy Evaluations" or call Clean Nova Scotia at (902) 420-3474 or 1-800-665-5377 toll free.
  • Install a solar water heating system: Solar power can be used for hot water. Domestic Hot Water is relatively easy to install and can dramatically cut your DHW energy needs. Pick a vendor from the Solar Nova Scotia Corporate Member list to design and install such a system.
  • Install a thermal wall: If you have a south-facing wall, consider a thermal wall. Bring up the Solar Home inventory, click on "By Category" and look at Air Space Heating to see some examples.


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