Is there an opportunity to discuss my questions in person?

Solar home designers and any interested people meet at The Lion's Head on Robie near Young St in Halifax every Friday evening to hear and discuss questions and to share information, news, and ideas. We're always at several tables put together near the windows. The first members show up around 5:00pm and we're usually there until about 7:00pm.


There are many people who feel it convenient to discuss the questions personally instead of publicly speak out so you are giving an opportunity for them. I have some questions about the renovation of my home and I hope you guys will satisfy me perfectly as I find some designs at website and you can take a look.

I have found it is quite convenient to meet and discuss relevant topics instead of blowing off steam in public. I find it is difficult sometimes to find the right product to use in my own home or for my sibling skin care routines, but I did find good suggestions at website and you're welcome to check the information out for yourself.

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