Event Date/Time
1st class: Thursday, October 25

The Passive Solar Home Design Course is intended for the general public and, for those in design and construction. The instructor is a 40 year experienced solar designer-builder, Don Roscoe.

  1. SOLAR BASICS for electricity, for active thermal hot water and hot air, and for passive solar ( 3 1/2Hrs )
  2. CLIMATE CONTROL for comfort and health, energy and the environment (5 1/2Hrs)
  3. SITE DESIGNING, working with nature, creating microclimates and integrating the shelter (3Hrs )
  4. SHELTER DESIGNING, bringing you, your needs and your site together (4 1/2Hrs)
  5. MAKING IT HAPPEN, costing, controlling costs, contracting and doing it yourself (1 1/2Hrs )


  • LOCATION: Nova Scotia Institute of Technology, Leeds St., Halifax
  • TIME: Six Thursdays, 7-10pm, October 25th to November 29th
  • REGISTER BY PHONE OR EMAIL AT: at (852-4758 / solardon.ns@gmail.com)
  • FEE: $80 students, $90 single, $150 couples; with handouts.
  • Textbooks are $40 and may be purchased ahead of time. Click here to find out how you can get one