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Complete our survey about solar electricity!

Do you have a solar electricity (photovoltaic) system at your property in Atlantic Canada, that was installed between 2014 and 2017, or know someone who does? If you do, would be willing to complete a survey about your solar energy system?

Solar Nova Scotia is conducting this survey to estimate the current cost of solar electricity in our region.


The survey is open until November 30, 2017. It will take about 10 minutes to complete. By completing the survey, you could win a solar-powered cell phone charger! Draw to be held December 8, 2017.

Thank you for reading this message. Please feel free to pass this message along to someone you know who has a solar power system in New Brunsick, PEI, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, or Labrador.

This survey is part of the Atlantic Canada Solar Industry Acceleration Study, supported by ACOA and the Province of Nova Scotia.

Thank you for participating!

Photo of a solar photovoltaic (electricity) array in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Photo of a solar electricity array at Hope Blooms, in Halifax, Nova Scotia.