2019-07: Summer

Summer 2019

  • Message from the Chair
  • Discover Solar 2019: Learn how to get PV on your roof!
  • 100% Solar Powered History Museum
  • Tiny Solar-Powered Library!
  • Halifax based charity helping schools go Solar
  • Dalhousie Researcher working on self-healing paint-on solar cells
  • Hospice Halifax Installs Solar on New Facility
  • CanSIA Completes Study and Prepares New Solar Guide
  • HRM’s HalifACT 2050: Acting on Climate Together
  • SolarHomes Update from Efficiency Nova Scotia
  • Nova Scotia Power to c


September 2016

News - Local

  • Fall Courses
  • Halifax Solar City
  • Ecology Action Centre Net Zero Speaker Series

News - Canada

  • CANSIA Conference
  • Three Amigos Summit


  • COP 22
  • The Investment Community
  • Solar Cooling
  • Solar Impulse Aircraft
  • Churches in Great Britain go solar
  • USA Net Zero National Forum
  • Green mosques in Morocco
  • Chile: Solar Indigenous Villages
  • Germany: Berlin pulls its fossil f

2018-10: Fall

Fall 2018

  • Solar Nova Scotia Wraps up Work on Industry Studies
  • Successful Solar CEDIF continues to attract Nova Scotian investors
  • CANSIA Hires in Nova Scotia
  • HRM’s Solar City sees huge growth in 2018!
  • Antigonish Community Energy Coop Gears up for Next Group- Solar-Buy
  • Solar Homes Launches
  • New Solar Assist Platform will help Nova Scotians Navigate Changing Solar Landscape in NS
  • Solar Nova Scotia Elects New Officers
  • Indigenous Communities Harvesting the Power of the Sun!
  • New 40kW Solar In


May 2017

  • Upcoming Solar Courses in Sydney!
  • The PassivHaus tour on April 15
  • Solar Powered Pontoon Boat - Available For Tours
  • Local, National & International Solar News


March 2017

  • What went on at the Annual General Meeting
  • Nova Scotia Solar News: Trevor Butler speaks at Dal about sustainable building practices; Nova Solar Capital, a Kentville-based company, is expanding its Solar Capital Energy Inc. CEDIF project; movie: The Age of Consequences; the Emera Atlantic Canada Smart Energy Event; Ecology Action Centre series on Cap & Trade; and much much more.