What is Solar Nova Scotia?

Solar Nova Scotia is a registered not for profit society. We are a volunteer run organization working collectively towards a common vision. To achieve our vision it is our mission to promote and facilitate the adoption of solar energy in Nova Scotia.

Policy Goals

  • Work with governments at all levels to create policies supporting adoption of all forms of solar energy including active, passive, thermal and photovoltaic (PV).
  • Ensure new buildings and subdivisions are designed and constructed to be solar ready.
  • Establish effective policies for commercial applications of solar PV.
  • Establish effective policies for residential solar PV.

Education Goals

  • Clearly show Nova Scotians the economic and environmental benefits of adopting solar energy.
  • Make our web site the recognized clearing house for solar energy information.
  • Provide credible, accurate and timely information including advances in solar technology.
  • Create educational materials and hold events educating secondary, post- secondary students and the public about solar energy technologies and opportunities.